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Q:   What is a Yoconut?
A:   A Yoconut is a Young coconut

Q:   Whatís so special about a Yoconut?
A:    Yoconut has been peeled down to its soft flesh, which protects its water!

Q:   Is the water pure?
A:   The water is in its purest state, it has never been exposed to anything!

Q:  Were does the Yoconut come from?
A:   Mexico!

Q:   Is other coconut water so pure?
A:   That is hard to answer, but experts say once the water leaves the protection of its nut it loses many important properties!

Q:   Can you eat the flesh?
A:   The flesh is an important part of the Yoconut, not just being a natural container it is very nutritious. Please look at our health and nutrition page!

Q:   Is the Yoconut water good for the day after?
A:   We canít proof that the water is the prefect hangover cure, but it sure helps.  Alcohol causes dehydration and that in turn causes headaches, Yoconut water is a natural isotonic, the water is absorbed straight away which rehydrate's your body and helps get rid of that pounding head.

Q:   Can you eat Yoconut if you are a vegetarian or vegan?
A:  No problem, we are approved by the vegan and Vegetarian societies in the UK!

Q:  How much water is in a Yoconut?
A:  Because the Yoconut is a natural product they can differ in size, an average Yoconut has between 250 and 300 ml of water!

Q:  Is Yoconut OK for kids?
A:   Very much so, remember the Yoconut is 100% pure and doesnít contain any nasty chemicals!

Q:   Is the water better then an energy drink
A:   Yoco water is the neutral energy drink and is one of the highest sources of electrolytes known to man. So forget all those colourful chemical packed energy drinks and try a Yoconut, you can even eat the container!

Q:  I have high cholesterol; can I drink or eat Yoconut?
A:   Donít worry the Yoconut has no cholesterol!

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