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Welcome to Yoci's online shop
Until you can buy a Yoconut in your local supermarket we are offering you the opportunity to buy them online. With the high price of postage and packaging we do not put any profit on this. We charge you only the cost price! If you would like to purchase more then 6 yoconuts please contact our sales office for a quote!
Qty Yoconuts Postage Packaging Total Price Click below to buy using PayPal
1 2.49 2.92 1.35 6.76  
2 4.98 5.00 1.35 11,33  
3 7.47 6.50 3.00 16.97  
4 9.96 6.50 3.00 19.46  
5 12.45 6.50 3.00 21.95  
6 14.94 6.50 3.00 24.44  
Price per Yoconut is 2.49
Sorry to say we have to post them with a overnight deleivery and this brings the cost up...we do not make a profit on postage and packaging, it is at cost.
This is for the UK only, if you would like to purchase a Yoconut from outside UK please ring our sales office or send us an E-mail
Sorry the Shop is closed at the moment due to late arrive of stock please contact customer services