Hi there! I guess you have landed here so you can get in contact with someone regarding our products in the Yoco range!

Yoconut is a part of:

Premier Lifestyles Ltd
214/218 Rothbury Terrace
Newcastle upon Tyne
England, UK
0044 (0)845 0840588

Well at the moment there is two people that could help you with your enquiries.

There is John Grimmett, he is basically the top dog around here! John will be able to help with all trade and admin equiries!
Call on: 0044 7976 804033 or E-mail john@yoconut.com

Then there is Martin Giles, he is the dogs body regarding marketing and promotion. He has his office in Sweden, but is the Uk 1 week in every month for meetings, so feel free to contact him and book a meeting.
Call on: 0046 40 630 2573 or E-mail martin@yoconut.com
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