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Yoconut is as pure as it comes!
Yoconut's water is not removed from it's soft flesh and packaged in any plastic or paper container like many other coco water products...

So saying Yoconut is 100% pure coco water is a true fact!

We could even be so bold to say Yoconut is more then likely more pure then your tap water.
Interesting facts about coco water
Yoconut does not contain cholesterol because coconuts are plant food, and the only foods that contain cholesterol are foods that come from animals.
Yoconut is a natural isotonic drink, nothing can rehydrate you better after a sweaty workout then pure water from a Yoconut, then you have the extra bonus that you can eat the flesh.
Yoconut is packed full Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Calcium. That is 4 important properties that will ensure healthy growth for you and your kids.
Yoconut water from the young coconut has been used in medical emergencies as a substitute for glucose. During WWII, the water became the glucose supply when there was no sterile glucose available.
Yoconut contains less than 150 calories and provides about 20% of your daily requirement of calcium. We are sure it could fit into many different diets.
Yoconut water contains a full spectrum of B vitamins and vitamin C also including the minerals we mentioned above make up the  ingredients for a super hangover cure. Yoconut will rehydrate you in a safe and balanced way after that heavy party,
Yoconut helps control a body’s natural fluid levels to help maintain proper blood pressure, circulation, kidney functions, digestion, and liver functions.
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After drinking the water of the Yoconut, it is time to feast upon the flesh of the nut.
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