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Introducing Centre Stage all the way from Mexico the Refreshing, Healthy, Isotonic, 100% pure, Super fruit,
The one and only:
The Yoconut is the only 100% pure pre-peeled Young coconut on the market.

Yoconut contains between 250 and 300 ml of the purest coco water. When we say pure we mean 100% pure.

Yoconut has no additives or preservatives; it is protected by its own soft flesh.

The Yoconut is peeled and then vac packed to keep the nut fresh until opened. The flesh is so soft that a straw could be push through so you can drink the water directly from it's  protective shelter.

Just think when drinking a Yoconut you will be drinking one of the purest liquids on this planet, it is untouched or contaminated by any human hands.

One thing that is so unique with the Yoconut; unlike other young coconuts you donít need to be skilled with a machete to open the hard outer shell, remember the Yoconut is already peeled and just waiting to be eaten.

So keep your fingers on your hand and drink the "Liquid of Life" and then feast upon the healthy flesh of the Yoconut.

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